Payment Services Business Plan

Online Tuition & Fee Payment and Installment Plans

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) is designed to give students an opportunity to pay fees and tuition over an extended period of time. There is no interest charge because DPP is not a loan.

Students who are in good financial and academic standing may apply for this assistance. Students may elect to use DPP whether or not they qualify for financial aid. Students who owe the University money or have a history of payment difficulty may be denied DPP.

DPP allows all fees and tuition, to the extent not covered by grants, scholarships, waivers or loans to be paid in three installments each quarter. Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans (FDSL) and Federal Direct Plus Loans (FDPL) are excluded from the calculation of DPP.

Terms and Condition

When To Apply

Applications must be received on or before the deadline to pay fees and tuition for the quarter to avoid the loss of enrolled courses. The processing fee and the first DPP installment are also due at the fee and tuition deadline to avoid a $50 DPP late fee. DPP applications are accepted throughout the registration period each quarter, but all applicable late fees will apply if the application is received after the deadline to pay fees and tuition for the quarter.

Nonrefundable Processing Fee

A processing fee of $25 per quarter for the three-month plan is charged to offset the administrative costs of the plan.

This processing fee is nonrefundable, even if students are denied the plan, later withdraw from the plan or do not attend UCR. If payment for the processing fee is not included with the DPP application, it will be charged to the student billing account and must be paid by the deadline for the first DPP installment, even if students are denied the plan, later withdraw from the plan, or do not attend UCR.

Notification of Acceptance

Depending on when the application is submitted, there is no guarantee that notification will be sent before the first payment deadline date.

Please indicate the plan for which the application is being submitted and include the correct processing fee. This will not guarantee DPP (see "The UCR Deferred Payment Plan" and "Notification of Acceptance" sections). Applications are accepted for the current academic year only.

2012-02-19 11:55:26 by RightofWayGuy

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